Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tips for writers

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1. Don't overuse and abuse a certain word.

I had no freakin' clue that I had used and abused the word "large" in my book Citizen. I would say, the large man, the large building, and the large room. I didn't even realize it until a reviewer pointed it out to me. At first, I was all in a huff cause she said I wasn't descriptive and that I would say "The girl was large and pregnant or the large man." Then I started rereading my book. Ha ha. There was a million "larges" it was crazy!! So, word of advice read your book out loud, give it to a friend, or just watch for that abused word. Even in well known books I notice these annoying words that seem to slap you upside the head. Please, don't abuse a word, it's not very nice. 

2. Watch for those goofy English words.

As I went through and reedited my book Citizen I noticed that I would do stuff like ally instead of alley, or tare instead of tear. Junk like that. When I'm writing, I swear my brain just translates some of those words weird. I think it just thinks, wear are you going? Instead of where are you going. I know that where isn't spelled like wear. It's just something that happens when a scene is running through your head like a locomotive.  I have noticed, as I read other books that they do the same thing as me. Watch for the little words like and, or, but also. Those are easy to forget to actually put in the sentence.

3. Awkward dialogue

Read your dialogue out loud. It will help you like a billion times over. Would you say something that your characters say? I mean come on, would you really ramble for an hour about something? Most the time, no. Unless you're an obsessive talker or something. Most characters I notice kill the scene with all their talking. They just blab, blab, blab and make me want to pound my head into a wall. Dialogue is great, don't get me wrong, but you need to think would someone actually say that? My husband pointed out something to me. When you are talking to someone you will say "Hi, Bob." Then you proceed to talk about whatever. Usually you don't say his name "Bob" again. But, in a book we see people repeat the person's name. They know their freaking name! Remember the saying: that's my name don't wear it out.

4. Plots that suck.

Okay, okay, that's a little harsh. Here's the thing. Get a plot. If you have a weak plot everyone will know it. They will get half way through the book and throw it to the side, because there is no point to the story! I have really liked some books I started reading. They had a great beginning, it was interesting, and then BOOM middle of the book I'm staring at my kindle as it says 50%, and I think what the junk is this book about? They have been going in circles for awhile! Maybe, the author is just warming up, I don't know, but I do notice if I don't know what is going on by 50% I will stop reading it. Period. The sad thing is, some of these books were really good! They had a great idea, great characters, and a decent tone to the book, but they needed to move it along a little quicker. Maybe I'm just ADD I don't know. Just please, have a point. 

5. If you're bored then everyone is bored.

If you find a scene really boring in your book I'm pretty sure your readers will find it boring too. Don't hit the snooze button when you're writing. If you're sleeping while typing, generally it's best not to add that scene. There is always slow scenes, but make sure they actually have a point to the story otherwise cut it out. 

I hope you enjoyed my tips!! Would love some feedback! 

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